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At POLYCARPOS PHILIPPOU & ASSOCIATES L.L.C. we understand that Family Law issues are usually highly emotional for the parties involved and must be dealt with sensitivity and care. We handle all Family Law matters with consideration, discretion and confidentiality.

Our firm specializes in the following family law matters:

There is no ‘consensual divorce’ in Cyprus.
Anyone seeking for divorce must lodge and appear in a petition before a District Family Court and must grant the other side the opportunity to contest the grounds for divorce of the initial petition.
Because of the nature of the procedure and the sensitive matters involved, our aim is to present your case before court, when possible, in the most civilized and amicable manner to achieve the desirable outcome without unnecessary stress for the persons involved.

Child support is the ongoing, periodic payment from one parent to another (usually ‘the custodian’) for the financial benefit of their child after separation or divorce.
When the relevant court order is granted, the implications of non compliance can be severe. The law gives significant weight to the welfare of children in such kind of situations and employs mechanisms such as imprisonment to ensure compliance with a child support order.

The use of the family home is very often the issue of dispute after the dissolution of a relationship and may be the subject of great stress to a person with young children especially in cases where abuse is involved. A court order for sole use of the family home may be granted by the Court.

In general, all assets and income acquired from the date of marriage, or even before marriage with the prospect of marriage, to the date of separation are regarded as marital property to which both husband and wife can claim rights to. Marital property will be distributed according to several factors that the court will use to divide property fairly. This process can be extremely complicated, contentious and frustrating, especially if there are significant assets to be considered but our legal team is equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge to guide you through this process.

Issues surrounding children, custody and child support in particular, can be some of the most contentious elements in a divorce or separation, but it serves your children best if you can work things out. Our firm has dealt with a very large number of disputes regarding child custody, over decision making, caretaking, and access in the wake of marital or other relationship dissolution. We can guide you through this process and work out what will be in the best interest of your children.

The legal requirements relating to the adoption of a child or an adult can be very complex especially when the adoptee is non Cypriot which is most often the case. We have the experience and the ability to assist in this highly emotional and complex procedure.

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