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Whether you are a landlord or a tenant seeking to protect your rights, at POLYCARPOS PHILIPPOU & ASSOCIATES L.L.C. we have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

The most common types of disputes between landlord and tenant relate to:

- Rent arrears

- Rent review (increase or decrease)

- Recovery of possession (eviction)

The rental market in Cyprus may be divided into two categories: Properties which are controlled by the Rent Control Law (1983) which fall in the realm of the Rent Control Courts and the free market which is subject to Civil Litigation.

The Rent Control Court has jurisdiction to determine matters regarding recovery of possession of controlled rented property and the determination of fair rent, as well as any other matters related to such property.

Each Rent Control Court (of which there are currently two) is composed of a President, who is a member of the Judiciary, and two lay members. The lay members have a purely consultative role.

Eviction of tenants can be relatively difficult in Cyprus. The Rent Control Law introduced the concept of the ‘statutory tenant’ that falls within the realm of the Rent Control Courts and cannot be evicted except by court order and only under specific circumstances which are specified in the Law.

Statutory tenants are provided with protection regarding their rights of possession of the rented property (as well as regards to necessary repairs and expenses for the leased property or the reduction of rent), with the aim of preventing the landlord from potentially taking advantage of his position to demand high rent or from evicting the tenant “unfairly”.

The current law arose after the Turkish military invasion of 1974 which caused thousands of refugees to move to the free part of Cyprus and created serious housing problems requiring immediate steps to give extensive protection to tenants and to prevent landlords from evicting with ease.

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